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Kronyo United Co., Ltd. 冠佑聯合有限公司

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Today is 30,Mar,2020
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Silicone SC250-01
Silicone SC250-01Silicone SC250-01Silicone SC250-01
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Model: SC250-01
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Updated: 2020-03-19 16:57
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RTV Silicone SC250-01


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 KRONYO RTV Silicone


Kronyo RTV Silicone is a rubber polymer similar to epoxy, it is made of the base rubber material plus a curative that is 
activated by exposure to air. It cures at room temperature to form a flexible yet strong bond to most substances. 
The best-known use of RTV silicone is as a sealer in home construction. It can be used for repair or assembly heat pipe.


 KRONYO RTV Silicone




super high temp silicone is the best choice for compel-tight, oil- envelope and combine closed purpose. Resistant to acid, alkali. It can reach 343° C intermittently. Strong adhesion, anti pressure.



1. Remove old gasket material from surfaces thoroughly.
2. Clean surface with residue-free solvent and allow surface to dry.
3. Cut nozzle to desired size.
4. Squeeze tube to form a continuous and even bead to the perimeter of mating 
surface and ail bolt holes.
5. Use tool to within 5 minute
6. Tightened to the required torque, do not overtighten.
7. Clean off excess sealant with M.E.K or toluene.
Note: Do not use for parts that are continuously immersed in gasoline.



Avoid breathing in vapor. Uncured sealant may cause case of contact with eyes, flush with waterand call physician.
in case of contact withskin,wipe off with cloth and flushwith water. Use with adequate ventilation.


         Content              Package              Size
RTV Silicone (clear) 50ml     24 cards/ inner box    hose 25X155mm
       12 inner boxes/ CTN.  cards 90mmx200mm


 Benefits and Features


For concrete, stone, aluminum, steel, glass, wood and most plastics. Non-corrosive and has excellent adhesion properties.

high-performance of resistance, within -40 ° C ~ + 200 ° C have good flexibility, has excellent weather resistance, water resistance, UV resistance, storage temperature of 25 ° C in cool dry place can hold 12 month.  


 One-stop service


KRONYO EP-57SL01 Epoxy Putty Multi epoxy putty Mighty Putty



Only us in Taiwan


Made in Taiwan


Automatic Production


Production and manufacturing capacity    




Brand introduction   


Krönyo united Co. Ltd is named after the name of representor Lin Kuanyo. By using the pronunciation of the Chinese

name it become Kronyo. Mainly produce and manufacture glues and repairing tool and products relating to bicycles, cars and motorbikes.

Kronyo united Co. Ltd is a cooperation company of Hsuan Hau, symbolizing inheritance techniques from his father, as well as the spirt. He will bear its traditional industries to create new vitality as mission, uphold the play hard, work smart, and enjoy life.


KRONYO color tight spell with the letter K followed symbolize the unio of old ideas and new generations, the two series of convergence barriers, bonding broken things, united people-oriented, family-centered philosophy,


KRONYO products are all automated machinery manufacturing and a series of one-stop service, from raw materials, production,manufacturing, packaging, shipping, all in Taiwan.Innovate and development Good product in response to time, KRONYO made in Taiwan, the only worthy choice of brands.

Glue in hand sticks all

Bag in hand saves all

100 % original, the only one





Kronyo United Co. Ltd. is a worldwide

professional brand of tire repair kits and 

tube adhesives.





 A brand name established via investment of Hsuan Hau Enterprise Co. Ltd., which is a leading professional manufacturerin Taiwan specializingin aluminum tube production and filling as well as in the manufacture of a variety of adhesives.



Krönyo United has been certifed. IS09001:2008.

we have the best quality and as well as the 

most trustworthy company; all  of our products are deveioped and manufactured in Taiwan.

From 2010 on, we have started transforming the company in order to respond to the market requirements and upgraded services.



This transform has allowing us to change from a hardware and equipment.


FOB Price: US $ 1 - 100 /Piece 
Min.Order Quantity: 5040 Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability: 50000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Port: Keelung port, Taiwan
Payment Terms: T / T





How to Remove Silicone Caulk from Hands?

Try acetone

Soak the corner of a paper towel with pure acetone or a nail polish remover containing acetone

and gently wet the spots on your hands covered with acetone.


Try (cautiously) using a hair dryer

Start with the lowest possible setting on the hair dryer. Once you feel that the silicone has heated up,

try scrubbing with a sponge or another mild abrasive to get it off.


Try an abrasive

Another way to get silicone off of your hands is simply to rub (and rub, and rub...) until there's none left.

Try mineral spirits

 Try applying some to dried-on silicone lightly with a soaked paper towel. Follow with abrasion once

the spirits have had a chance to weaken the silicone.


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